Workshop Comments


Dear Diana,

Having attended the workshop in Bozeman, MT this past weekend I wanted to take up your invitation below to review the workshop.  I've looked around the links and could not find any place to put a review.  So, allow me to tell you that the Saturday my wife and I spend with Pete at the workshop this past weekend was well worth the expense and the 6 hour travel time each way.  I had several things confirmed, several things I need to change and I learned how to modify and glue on Glove shells, as well as the pros and cons of doing so.  For us there was not a lull in the day and I only wish it could have extended for another day.  Pete is a good teacher with a perfect balance of humility and wit to go along with his knowledge of hooves and what is needed to make or keep them healthy.  I would highly recommend such a workshop to anyone with even a passing interest in a horse's hoof.


Jim and Cindy


Hello! I was lucky enough to catch Pete at a clinic in Shelton Washington and wanted to send a quick note to say that I loved the format and the information provided in the clinic, it has really helped me out with my trimming practice. I now provide Pete's Goo to my clients, keep more complete records, have been heat fitting glove boots and shells and am totally loving all aspects of being a barefoot trimmer. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with humility and respect for the horse and participants. I will carry your message and our shared desire to help horses with me every day when I leave for work. If you are ever considering taking on another apprentice, I would drop everything to be there. This is so important to me, and again, thank you for helping me to see better.


Just wanted to say I am a very pleased horse owner that had a horse at your clinic in Moscow, Idaho. My farrier said he really learned a lot and Little Bit's hooves really look fantastic, he is walking and running like he should, now to get a few more pounds off him Thank you for having the clinic in the Northwest.


Hi Pete, Ivy, and Dianna, 

I can't express my gratitude for being able to host a clinic with Pete. This was the best clinic I've ever been to. I've been a huge believer in barefoot and this reconfirmed everything we have been working towards. There are a lot of improvements I can make in my horses and in my riding which is exactly the information I was looking for. Hopefully with having my trimmer there I can finally start making progress with my horses that I have wanted to for almost a year now. I've been trying to work with my vet and trimmer for close to a year about the way one of my horses was traveling. I finally feel like I have a starting point of what needs to be done. They kept telling me that he was fine, but I knew deep down that I needed to make some changes because of his toe first landing. Hopefully we have caught it soon enough before too much damage was done. 

Pete - you were so patient with our questions and knowledgeable, but not afraid to tell us if you just didn't have an answer. It was amazing to see the change in the horses either with the trim or by adding boots. Everyone loved the clinic. I now have enough knowledge to work with my trimmer to improve my horses movement and make him feel better.    

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 


The clinic at Bit of Hope ranch was awesome!  I learned a lot, met some wonderful people and made great contacts.  The horse’s issues were challenging and it was great that we all were able to see what was happening and how the problem was dealt with. Pete is engaging and funny and has so much information to impart! Worth every penny and I hope I can attend another one soon!


Thank you to Pete, Ivy and your family for traveling all over the country.  The workshop yesterday was a great learning experience with lots of new things for me to try in my trim work - and other attendees shared the same appreciation.  I had to leave a little early and missed the question/answers due to a small issue that came up at home and was so bummed to leave… 

Should Pete choose to do these workshops again, I would love to host the clinic again.  Safe travels for the rest of your tour of the USA!


Had a great time yesterday. I guess I will be opening up some more frogs, lol. I see so many lousy frogs that I always try to preserve as much of what's there, but Pete opened them up more....also great input about boot fit....I often fitted boots and it just did not feel right to me, although it did seem to I know why ...;-) It was also very helpful that he repeated so many things that I keep telling my clients, about frogs and diets. I hope that this time more sank in :-)
I really appreciate him taking the time he did and I am glad he liked my work overall :-)


Forwarded from Joe Camp:

Well it turns out you were so right again!  My friend and trimmer hosted a Pete Ramey clinic last Tuesday at her home and I can't find words to describe how wonderful he is! Not only is he totally approachable, but he is a master of the hoof yet so humble.  I do not trim my own horse nor will I ever but I found the clinic fascinating.  I learned so much and he made everything so clear.  It was the best clinic I have ever participated in.

Hope all is well with your little family!

Yesterday was a highlight of my life!  I can't tell you how encouraging, informative, and just plain fun it was to attend Pete's workshop in Rice Lake, WI.  The hosts were incredible, the attendees interesting and friendly - it was all I hoped for.  Thank you for working so hard to make these happen. I will continue to send people to  As far as I'm concerned, Pete is the rock star of the hoof care world.  And I am not alone!  Have a wonderful week!



I would like to thank Pete Ramey for sharing his experience and knowledge of the equine hoof and for such a fantastic workshop; and to his family for the sacrifices that they make to make this possible.  Thank you to Dianna at for all your help in organizing this.  You do an awesome job "behind the scenes" for Pete and Ivy. 

I would also like to extend a special thank you to all of the attendees.  You helped make this workshop/clinic a success. If it weren't for you and your horses it would not have happened.  We had people attend from as far as Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and southern Wisconsin.  This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will not forget.  Thank you to my dear friend Mary? for all your help and for getting the ball rolling on this. You rock girlfriend!!


I attended the Saluda, NC workshop.  I’ve followed Pete’s principles for about ten years.  It was a privilege to be able to attend a workshop, and have Pete evaluate and trim my horse and pony.  My trimmer and I got some valuable feedback and affirmation.  Pete was a total delight...kind, generous and positive, always with a good sense of humor.  He really made the day!


There was a horse brought to the clinic that had great feet! Pete took an edge off here and flap off the frog there and that was it! I feel this is should be part of his clinic period. I know that there isn't a lot of control over the horses brought in, but it was so important for not only the trimmers present but also the owners to be able to see this… Pete said over and over, at home, I charge $5 dollars for what I trim from the foot and $55 for knowing what to leave on it.. hearing this and seeing it are two different things and this really made an impact on me. the owner asked if this meant she should let the horse go on a longer trim cycle, and he said why when she is maintaining so well at a four week. I heard in my mind "don't wait till they are bad to trim them"!!!

Chuck McDonald