Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot Textbook

Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot Pete RameyWhat does it take to grow the very best hooves an individual horse can possibly grow? Is it some magical trim, a supplement, or some newfangled shoeing package? The answers are much farther-reaching and involve every aspect of the horse’s life. Can laminitis and caudal foot pain be cured? Prevented? Can a carefully cultivated hoof form and internal foot development protect the horse from injury throughout the body?

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Under the Horse 
10 disc DVD series

Under the Horse 10 Disc DVD seriesThis video is designed to teach equine professionals and horse owners new ways to recognize and treat hoof pathology. It focuses on the ability to identify and recognize a truly healthy equine foot and demonstrates steps taken to drive a pathological hoof towards a healthier state. The combination of contemporary veterinary research with practical, real-world field work presented will enable viewers to arrive at sound, valuable protocols that can be used immediately to benefit the horse.

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August 2018 - I have just finished a big update of the articles here


New article Modifications of Easyboot Gloves and Glue-On Shells is an important update to ALL of our books, articles and DVD sets. More


2017 Clinic Schedule is posted including:

Perkasie, PA - Tooele, UT - Prince George, BC - Ledyard, CT - Justin, TX - Taos, NM  Click here for more information.

2017 Pete Ramey Two Day Clinic Schedule

4-08-2016 Beginning in summer 2016 Ivy, Pete and family are planning two-day clinics around the US and abroad. Clinics are limited to 43 participants, so sign up early.

Coming Soon From Easycare?

Traction Hoof BootWanna race? This new tread pattern is likely to revolutionize turf and arena sports--and make some folks happy who like to trail ride in mud, snow, and sand. More



 3-18-2015  We are now posting our 2015 Workshop schedule approximately six months in advance. Participant slots are on sale now.











Workshops 2015

11-14-2014.   Ivy is currently planning the schedule for our 2015 Hoof Rehab Workshop tour. She will assemble a list of potential hosts, and then attempt to link them together into a reasonably efficient route around the US, starting in June 2015 and ending in February 2016. If you are interested in hosting a Workshop, please read all of the links and sections of  (Workshop info, host info, participant info…) and then register as a potential host at . We look forward to meeting you and your horses!


Once again, Easyboots dominated the Tevis Cup. First Place, Best Condition, and 10 of the top 15 wore Easyboots. More

Ivy and Pete are hitting the road in the summer of 2014. They plan to tour the US teaching small (6 horse, 15 person) practical workshops to horse owners and professionals. More

New Research from Auburn University

Clinical Outcome of 14 Obese, Laminitic Horses Managed with the Same Rehabilitation Protocol Abstract

A specific method of rehabilitation was used to manage obese horses with laminitis, and clinical outcome was evaluated after 5 to 20 months. Clinical data from 14 similar laminitis cases were statistically analyzed to evaluate response to rehabilitation. See results:

P3 and P2 Development

While equine researchers continue to laugh at the idea that increased movement may play a part in development of the foot, bovine researchers are stepping up to the task. In this study, the size of P3 and P2 was increased by allowing more movement on rocky terrain for four months. See results:

Digital Cushion Development

Once again, researchers in the dairy industry have stepped up to the challenge of studying foot development. The control group of calves was kept in a small enclosure, while the treated group was walked two miles daily. See results:

Congratulations Matrix, Akiko, Sossity, Mario and Easyboot Gloves! They swept the Prix St. Georges and are National Champions.
Akiko Yamazaki topped the adult amateur Prix St. Georges aboard Matrix. Photo by Lisa Slade.

Auburn Study: Caudal Foot Evaluation
Predictive modeling of the equine heel
Recently it has been proposed that healthy soft tissue structures of the equine heel play a primary role in equine soundness. Historically, little attention has been given to the significance of the health of the equine heel soft tissue structures, which are uniquely positioned so as to provide support and protection to the navicular apparatus. More

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