Articles Printed in Horseback Magazine


April 2013:           My Horse Won't Hold a Shoe: Shelly, Brittle, Splitting Walls.

May 2013:           Recognizing and Treating Rotated Hoof Capsules.

June 2013:          Reading Sole Thickness.

July 2013:            Why Does My Horse Have a Thin Sole?

August 2013:       Why Does My Horse Land Toe-First?

September 2013: Part 1, How to Recognize Sinking Coffin Bones.

October 2013:     Part 2, Treatment and Prevention of Sinking Coffin Bones.

November 2013:  Hoof Boots vs. Barefoot vs. Traditional Shoes

December 2013:  High/Low Hooves: a Whole-Horse issue

January 2014:     Thrush: Much More than a Cosmetic Flaw

February 2014:     Prevent Spring Laminitis Now!